It will take you directly to the Linc.Lot M and the Jetro lot are the top lots to tailgating in. There are very few rules which allows you to have the tailgate of your dreams. Also, you can hire someone to run a tailgate for you. Do Trump’s supporters realize they are part of the nation’s biggest cult? Just as instructive as the warning signs about leaders are the lessons to ordinary people. One such example is “Extreme obsessiveness regarding the group/leader, resulting in the exclusion of almost every practical consideration.” When a CBC reporter in November profiled Trump supporters attending his rally in Tupelo, Mississippi, he found people who camped out in the freezing cold overnight just so they could be among the first to be let in. One after another they told the reporter how much Trump had changed their lives and how far they had driven across the country to attend the rally.

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It was a point of emphasis on just winning games and what it takes to win games. He did a good job of teaching and breaking down what he expects from everyone. That’s what we needed. I know it is only week 2, but a part of me wonders if, after today, begins a rift between Zimmer/coaching staff and Cousins. Look at a lot of the comments in here about today being the day people fully lost faith in Cousins. I had the exact same thought too before I even opened reddit then saw everyone else saying the same.

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