senators introduce amendment protecting against indefinite detention

A guy I had just met (Troy from Dallas!!!) heard that the band Particle was going to play a set afterwards so we wandered off into a random field with some bright orange fencing. We sat down by the fence and I could hear the band Moe still playing in the distance (turned into a legendary set that went on forever). We knew Particle might play, but they certainly weren going to play with Moe still raging in the distance.

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web link The money effectively went to the football program, but that was a well kept secret. Why? Because the administration didn want to talk about it, the contract was closely guarded, and the football team SUCKED. “No way this money is going to the football program,” people would say.

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The broad band X ray telescope (BBXRT) provided X ray spectra of sources in the energy range 0.3 keV with an energy resolution of about 100 keV. The payload was returned to Earth after the mission. A second mission, Astro 2, was completed successfully in 1995.