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They double count people with grandstand tickets that enter the stadium into the outfield. They use paid attendance plus a clicker. I’ve been told this directly by someone who works in the athletic department and is partly responsible for running postseason games at State..

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Pedestrians should only cross when it is safe to do so, and only under direction of the automated crossings system. Further, the rest of Honolulu should adopt the system that is in place at Kalakaua and Lewers (among others), and have all stop, pedestrian only crossing. This is the only way to ensure pedestrian safety..

This rule also applies to pictures or links to other parts of reddit where Yogscast references are made, it not that rare, especially on /r/AskReddit. They provide no discussion value nor contribute in a meaningful way, and only leads to people clicking the link and upvoting the comments there which cheap nfl jerseys on facebook ad counts as brigading, which is not allowed on reddit, causing people to get shadowbanned by the reddit admins and this subreddit reprimanded if it happens repeatedly. The moderation team actively removes these posts, but will use discretion in rare cases where discussion or contribution from the Yogscast warrants it staying..

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