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I have zero doubts he will be the Bears starter next year. I think he has steadily improved and he has plenty of room that he needs to improve more. He never had the playmakers like Mahomes and Watson and I think that would be a requirement for any QB to hit his ceiling.

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Initially, it was expected that some buyers would receive their C8s before the end of the year, or at least sometime soon after New Year’s. Now, Chevrolet spokesman Kevin Kelly claims production will kick off in February. Vehicles should start rolling into driveways not too long after that.

Again, shoot a PM or reply if you have questions. Until moving to the UK I lived and worked in Calgary for most of my life and have had the chance to go to a significant chunk of the inner city venues. I been to 99% of these and I try to focus on those that are relatively proximate to the downtown core.

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